What To Do With Your Million Dollar Idea

Everyone knows that all good ideas had to start from somewhere. Whether it was the creation of the iPhone in the garage of Steve Jobs first house or the invention of the assembly line, it all started from a single thought. More than likely, if you’ve decided to click this blog link and read it, you’ve had a few ideas of your own.

What it is important to make note of is the difference between “thoughts” and actual “ideas”. You see, there are probably millions of people each day that set a goal for one thing or another, they’ll have this fleeting thought that maybe it’ll pretty cool to write a book one day, or do this, and do that, but they never really act on this thoughts. It could also be something as simple as thinking about ways to lose weight, start a business, or even write a book or blog post *cough cough*

I like to classify this type of people who think about doing things, as “Dreamers”. Their type is ambitious, albeit, and in some cases, the dreams can be made with good intentions of actually completing the said “thoughts”, but 90% of the time they don’t. The thoughts go forgotten for long extended periods of time until finally, they make a think of something new with similar end results and start the cycle all over again.

Thoughts without a plan lead to failure.

This is what is different, in my opinion, than an actual idea. Ideas are something that you can flesh out. You can see the end goal. You are excited about, and you can picture yourself completing it. It has a heartbeat of its own, it’s a living thing, constantly growing and creating a need for care and management.

Maybe you’ve been a part of the Thought Cycle at one point. I believe that at least 90% of people at one point in their lives have been, but maybe not. Even if you are one of those who are trapped in the Thought Cycle, the point is to just get out.

Now if you were like me and one day you decided, “Hey, you know what would be a pretty cool thing to do… write a book.” The very next thing that you should have done would be to craft an idea. No matter how bad or ridiculous or thought may seem at first, just right it down make it concrete and start thinking about how to find a way to achieve it. Then it turns into an idea.

However, some ideas are hard to come by. Which is why most people struggle to make it far into their thoughts because they just don’t know what business they want to start or what kind of stocks they want to trade or what kind of clothes they want to design etcetera… etcetera…

Well, I’m here to tell you that your bad idea is worth 100 times more than the great idea of the guy that never did anything with it. If you are passionate about achieving a certain goal, such as starting your own business, narrow down your focus to what you want to start. Write the first thing that comes to your mind down and then add a few more thoughts that you can come up with on a piece of paper, just to make it more concrete.

You don’t need to stress over the ins and outs of it just yet.

Look at them all, and think about which one you would have the most joy completing. If the sense of accomplish of making money in the stock market outweighs the joy you would feel of selling t-shirts to your hometown, then choose the stock market. However, if you’ve always dreamed of having your very own clothing brand, then I think you know what decision should be made. Report this ad

The best way that I found to narrow my ideas down into a concrete visualization was to make a sketch. Now, I’m not a good artist in any sense of the word and my artwork probably would scare small children, but when I got my first idea to write a book, I drew a sketch of what it would look like. No one ever saw this sketch, I didn’t brag about it to my girlfriend or any of my friends.

It was mine. All mine.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that before you even get started in telling people about all the hopes and aspirations that you wish to accomplish, give yourself some time to brood over it and think about it. The world will throw curveballs at you all the time, and in some cases they may want to get you to quit your idea altogether, but if you let yourself become absorbed in your thought so much to the point where it is a fully fledged idea that you want to accomplish for yourself and not for the money, or the glory, or any other royalties that come with fabricating a product out of thin air and putting it into the world for consumption and/or criticisms, you won’t find true happiness in the end result.

Put your idea on paper, nurture it, tweak it a little if you have to, but love it. Be able to fall in love with your creation so that even if other people don’t like it, you will know that you accomplished something that you probably didn’t even think was possible.

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