WeBull Portfolio Update and Why I’m Not Panicking

In this past month of March 2020, we have seen as much volatility as I can ever remember in my young life. Stocks were rising and falling at will as news media released more and more information regarding the global pandemic that we are facing.

This news has caused some, mostly negative, moves in my personal WeBull portfolio.

In the midst of all of this craziness, I previously elected to postpone from posting updates as it may encourage investors to invest in unstable assets. However, I believe that it is one of my duties to educate you on how I am doing, the risks that I am taking, so you can then turn around and use my experiences for your own productive use.

Also, I use WeBull because it provides more of the analysis of stocks that I am looking for. Robinhood is a great brokerage for someone that wants to keep it simple, however, if you really want an updated look at a companies financials, then use WeBull.

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Let’s get right into the portfolio.

Above is a screenshot of my portfolio as of this morning (3/27/2020).

The value of the portfolio is $794.34. With a total unrealized loss of $(205.66).

This is significant, but not too much to discourage me from taking more action. The way that I think about it is that I simply entered into the market a little bit too early, but that doesn’t mean I am going to lose all of the money that I have invested. The companies that I have invested in have just gone “on sale” and simply allowing for a greater buying opportunity.

I will be investing even more money into most of these companies in the future.

Now let’s go through the 12 stocks that I have in my portfolio. Here is a quick list of them at first, and I will go into more detail below:

Company NameTicker Symbol
Apple IncAAPL
Coca ColaKO
Prospect CapitalPSEC
Realty IncomeO
Regions FinancialRF
Main Street CapitalMAIN
Delta AirDAL

Apple Inc

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $296.36
  • Market Price: $252.45
  • Unrealized P/L: $(45.77)

I believe that Apple is a great company to have long term, but with the current conditions, it is not in the “good deal” range. It has fared well against most of the volatility in the market, however, I will not look to buy too many more shares at this time. It already has a great percentage of this small portfolio and I will look for better buying opportunities elsewhere.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $93.72
  • Market Price: $81.33
  • Unrealized P/L: $(12.32)

Nike is another one of those companies that I don’t see as an absolutely amazing deal just yet. This is why I won’t be rushing to buy more shares, but I will consider adding maybe a share or two in the coming weeks. I think that Nike is a company that has proved to be successful during the toughest of times, however, if the economy begins to slow then people will do less discretionary spending, which will cut into Nike’ bottom line.


  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $37.215
  • Market Price: $29.96
  • Unrealized P/L: $(14.51)

I really like AT&T as a stock and the more experience I have with them in my portfolio the more I want to add more shares. I find that they are surprisingly consistent for a company that is based around the telecommunications industry. They have been consistently finding new ways to add profitable business ventures and is a company that I think will do well for the foreseeable future. What will happen in the short run, however, is up in the air. I will probably add a couple of shares of T to this portfolio regardless of if the stock goes up or down.


  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $56.97
  • Market Price: $43.65
  • Unrealized P/L: $(26.62)

I like KO as well and I think that they will continue to do well once the world gets past this pandemic. If the stock price drops more because of the pandemic then I will look to buy more shares. This is company is a great hold because of the dividend revenue that comes in every quarter. I may buy more shares, but I may not.

Prospect Capital

  • Shares bought: 12
  • Average Price: $5.853
  • Market Price: $4.69
  • Unrealized P/L: $(13.83)

This is a REIT company that I don’t want to chase down the rabbit hole. I am almost certain that this company will eventually start to cut dividends, which is a red flag in my book. As for now, I am going to keep the holdings that I have, but I will not be adding any more shares until there are some positive signs of life out of this company.

Regions Financial

  • Shares bought: 3
  • Average Price: $14.37
  • Market Price: $9.33
  • Unrealized P/L: $(15.12)

Since purchasing this stock, I am down almost 35% which is the third largest unrealized loss in my entire portfolio. The largest loss is Main Street Capital. However, I do find Regions to be in the good deal range and I will look be looking to invest around 10% of this portfolio value into more shares of the stock. I find Regions to be an ideal buy at this point with it down almost 50% YTD.

Realty Income

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $75.42
  • Market Price: $56.04
  • Unrealized P/L: $(19.38)

All of the stocks that I have purchased are down and O is just another one of them. This is one of the more reliable REITs in the portfolio. I will look to buy a few more shares in the near future when I add more money to this portfolio.

Main Street Capital

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $39.00
  • Market Price: $22.60
  • Unrealized P/L: $(16.10)

This is my largest unrealized loss. The REITs in my portfolio have not been treating me all too well. I am going to look to diversify a bit away from REITs and add money to another sector of the economy. Most likely, financial. As of today, I am down 41.31% on my one share of MAIN.

Delta Air

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $47.88
  • Market Price: $30.08
  • Unrealized P/L: $(17.72)

This is an airline company that I believe is undervalued. As of today, I am down 36.53% and I am looking to buy more shares. I may also add a few shares of the cruise line sectors to take advantage of the fire that they are facing. This is a risky investment strategy so only invest money that you are comfortable with losing, by having a backup plan in place.

Apple REIT

  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $13.11
  • Market Price: $9.31
  • Unrealized P/L: $(7.62)

Down 29.06% on this REIT, I find myself to be overly invested in REITs which is a main leader in the large losses in my portfolio. If they rebound then I can make some of the value back by buying more shares on the rebound. As of now, I am just holding what I already own.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $34.94
  • Market Price: $31.15
  • Unrealized P/L: $(3.76)

As expected, a healthcare company is not doing too bad in times where healthcare is the main driver to getting out of this pandemic. I will add more shares of Pfizer because if they are able to produce a drug that helps people to recover from “The Virus” faster, then that would increase their economic moat even further.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $80.75
  • Market Price: $66.78
  • Unrealized P/L: $(13.97)

I believe that Starbucks will do well after this crisis. However, during the crisis it stands to lose a lot of value. I won’t be adding anymore Starbucks to my portfolio because I am unsure of which direction the stock will be heading in the near future.

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As I am not a Certified Financial Adviser, any information that you read here is purely for educational and entertainment uses only. For professional legal advice, contact a CFA.

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