The One Key You Need to Change the World

I have taken this quarantine period as a good of time as any to re-read some of my favorite books about how a regular individual can try to change the world. The #1 book being Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Within the pages of that book lies all one needs to be successful. I believe I have grown so fond of it because it does not “teach a person to be successful” by following a magic formula. It is not a blueprint on a specific niche or a specific topic. Nothing like that.

The conceptual information presented in the book is much more broad than that.

Think and Grow Rich teaches a person how to accumulate a fortune in any field of their choosing, any field that to their heart’s content that they want to pursue, and all they will need to be successful is the keys that I have discussed below.

A little disclaimer:

I believe that all the chapters of Think and Grow Rich bear so much significance that I do not want to be an injustice to the book by discussing the entire thing in one blog post.

It deserves so much more than that.

Instead, I will he taking chapter one and giving you the most impactful takeaways that it has and now it led me into a the course of changing my own life, the lives of the people around me, and eventually into changing the world.

Now let’s get right into it.

Chapter 1: Desire

“One good idea, that you act on with obsessive persistence, and unwavering faith, is all you need to achieve success. “

Napoleon Hill

Now I could end this article right here with the quote above being the only thing that you need to have read, but I want you to truly be able to understand those words. I want you to know how any ordinary person can use those words to change the world.

All that you need, no matter how optimistic of a dream that you may have, to achieve that dream is persistence.

Consistent action.

Or as one of my favorite coaches of all time would frequently say, “Slight Edge decisions”.

In today’s time, it is so easy to give up and write things off as being unsuccessful because they are “too hard” or “aren’t right for me”. Even worse people don’t attempt to reach their dreams because “I don’t want my peers to laugh at me”.


If you are truly passionate about achieving a goal, no matter what it is, all it takes is consistent action! Don’t give up when others would. Know how to stand in the face of adversity and hold your ground!

Don’t take no for an answer!

There are a million ways to become wealthy in today’s time. All it takes is an idea. However, an idea without any action is just that.

An idea.

You want to put your ideas to work for you. You want to turn your idea into its monetary equivalent, which could be a fortune! But you have to understand that it does not happen overnight.

The reason that most people don’t become millionaires is because they don’t truly believe that they can. They may hope so, but they never put in a definitive plan of action to achieve it.

That is where you can separate from the pack.

I want you to walk away from this article with the understanding that all it takes for you to achieve you true potential of being great is: #1 an idea and #2 the unwavering desire to pursue that idea.

When you do that, doors will start to open themselves for you!

When you do that you start your journey to changing the world!

Let’s take me for example:

One day, I was sitting in my college dorm room simply dreaming of ways that I could turn my passion of finance and achieving financial freedom into an income stream. I knew that I didn’t have much experience, but I also knew that I had a bit more “knowledge” than the average person walking on the street.

After reading Think and Grow Rich, I knew that if I thought about this idea long enough than an inspiration would enter me to put that idea into action.

That’s when it hit me.

A Website!

But not just any old website! A website that I would work on meticulously to be as professional looking as possible. A website that people would respect once they came across it.

I figured that I could use a website to broadcast my passion for finance to teach people the things that they may not know. These “things” could be on my investing experience as a young millennial or how to actually reach financial freedom (something that is not taught in most educational institutions).

That’s when I went to work and The Centennial Investor was born. (As of today, 3/30/2020 this blog has about 40 followers. It would be interesting to look back on this article as time moves forward.)

That idea came into my head a little over three months ago. Where will it take me? Can I change the world?

I guess we have to find that out together.

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