Starting a WeBull Stock Portfolio with $1,000

The overall stock market in the United States has been in a state of chaos! With the coronavirus making international headlines, it is definitely one of the most volatile markets that I can remember. There is a ton of uncertainty about whether we are about to enter into a recession or if this is just a correction from the longest bull market in history. The future is up for grabs! Who win will? The bears? or the Bulls?

So, here I am thinking to myself. What better thing to do during all of this uncertainty than start a brand new WeBull stock portfolio! I know it may sound crazy, but one of my favorite investors lives by the motto of “being greedy when others are fearful, and being fearful when others are greedy,” and right now there is an abundance of fear around every corner.

In this article, I am going to go over why I chose WeBull as my personal stock broker, what stocks I added to this portfolio, and why I added them.

Let’s get started!

Why WeBull?

WeBull, like many other brokerages now, is a commission-free brokerage that allows for the buying and selling of stocks relatively easily. WeBull also has a interactive mobile platform that provides detailed information about stock movements and overall market status, I found this to be more helpful than the overly simplistic styles of other mobile brokerages.

I chose WeBull in comparison to Robinhood because recently Robinhood has been seeing a lot of technical issues. I have used Robinhood in the past and watched it grow from a small trading platform to one of the most popular mobile brokerages in the United States. This influx of volume to the app has caused a strain on their servers, which is what caused it to shut down temporarily. I still have a lot of trust in that Robinhood is a sustainable and safe brokerage, however, I opted to go with WeBull because I felt that many people aren’t aware of exactly what advantages it has to offer.

These advantages include detailed performance tabs that allow you to view the different forms of income that you receive from investing, overall market tabs that allow you to quickly view the 3 major indexes in the United States as well as international markets, and a community tab to see what peers are saying about the market as well.

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Above is a screenshot of my portfolio as of this morning (3/5/2020). The reason the balance says -$12.43 is because the deposit of $1,000 that I made has not yet cleared. I was able to go ahead and make trades because WeBull allows for a $1,000 instant deposit credit once you transfer money into your brokerage account.

Now let’s go through the 12 stocks that I added to my portfolio. Here is a quick list of them at first, and I will go into more detail below:

Company NameTicker Symbol
Apple IncAAPL
Coca ColaKO
Prospect CapitalPSEC
Realty IncomeO
Regions FinancialRF
Main Street CapitalMAIN
Delta AirDAL

Apple Inc

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $296.36

I bought a share of Apple, like many of the companies in this portfolio, because I felt that it was on “sale”. While the stock market is extremely volatile at this point in time, the stocks that I have chosen to invest in can absolutely continue to drop in price, but my objective is to get in now and hold them for the foreseeable future. I have no intentions to sell in the short run, so as long as I can buy when it at a good deal, then I will do well in the long run. I also don’t think that the spreading virus will have any lasting effects on the future of the Apple, but as always, I could be wrong. I thought that this stock would be a good staple to allocate my WeBull stock portfolio around.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $93.72

I bought Nike because I am very much interested in the sports industry and I think that it is important to buy companies in industries that you understand and are passionate about. Nike has been one of the leading retailers in sports apparel and is the most popular choice among major professional athletes. I think in the short term Nike will be affected by the coronavirus by a temporary loss in revenue, but I believe that their overall growth projections to be extremely positive.


  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $37.215

AT&T is one of the most consistent stocks that I have invested in since starting investing around 2-3 years ago. AT&T pays out consistent dividends on time, and has been adding growth opportunities to its company every single year. Some analysts say that AT&T will have a hard time competing with the new surge of streaming services, so time will tell if they can take advantage of this emerging market.


  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $56.97

I bought 2 shares of Coca Cola because of its rich dividend history and with the feeling that it was at a good deal. This investment is definitely one that I will look to hold in my portfolio for a long time because of the income that comes from dividends alone. I have based this portfolio a-lot around income producing stocks with a few growth stocks thrown in as well. I see Coca Cola as one of the income stocks.

Prospect Capital

  • Shares bought: 12
  • Average Price: $5.853

Prospect Capital is one of the more speculative and risky stocks that I have in my portfolio. It has a dividend payout ratio of over 100% and is trading at less than $6 a share right now. However, the reason that I added PSEC to my portfolio is because it has consistently met it dividend payments on a monthly basis for the last few years. This income stream is good for someone who is looking to add money to their portfolio to buy other investment opportunities, or reinvest and buy more shares of PSEC.

Regions Financial

  • Shares bought: 3
  • Average Price: $14.37

I bought Regions Financial to give my portfolio diversity into the banking industry. I chose regions over some of the larger banks on the market because I personally have a great relationship with Regions and want to invest into a company to I am passionate about. I also believe that the shares are at a bargain right now.

Realty Income

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $75.42

Realty Income is another REIT that I bought specifically for its dividends. Realty Income has been a little more consistent than PSEC in terms of share growth, however, it has also been delivering monthly dividend payments on time for a number of years. I will look to hold this position in my portfolio for many years to come.

Main Street Capital

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $38.19

This is another REIT. I understand that I have exposed myself heavily into the real estate sector, but I think that with the feds cutting their interest rates, then housing prices will start to see an increase as well. This will lead to rents being increased and more income being generated for the REITs. Many of these REITs are securities that I have invested in at some point in the past and have had a positive experience with them.

Delta Air

  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $47.88

To provide some exposure to the transportation industry, I bought one share of Delta Air. The airline industry may continue to decline with travel restrictions being placed because of the Coronavirus, so you must approach any investment with caution.

Apple REIT

  • Shares bought: 2
  • Average Price: $13.11

This is another REIT that I thought was a good deal. I have invested in APLE in the past and has saw that is pays dividends consistently and on time. This was a nice low-priced REIT to add to my WeBull stock portfolio.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $34.94

I wanted to have some exposure to the healthcare industry, so I bought a share of Pfizer. Pfizer is a major pharmaceuticals company that does research on different medicines and provides the medicine for a good portion of the entire world.


  • Shares bought: 1
  • Average Price: $80.75

Starbucks is another growth company that I added to my portfolio. I think in the future Startbucks will continue to grow into a major enterprise that can compete with McDonald’s in terms of revenue.

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As I am not a Certified Financial Adviser, any information that you read here is purely for educational and entertainment uses only. For professional legal advice, contact a CFA.

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