Reflection: Did I Achieve All of My Goals from My Third Month Blogging?

Wow! With all of the craziness that has happened in March, it is hard to believe that it’s already my third month writing for the Centennial Investor!

I can honestly say that I am finally getting into a little bit of a groove with my writing, and finding my happy place in a sense. I have learned so many new things in these past three months from website coding, google SEO, Facebook ads, YouTube algorithms, and so much more.

However, this is a post about the past. I want to share with you exactly the goals that I had for myself as a blogger in February of 2020 and how close I came to achieving all, if any, of them. This is a series that I look forward to each month and it is actually one of the more popular articles that I post because I think people like seeing progress being made. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

March 2020 Goals

Below is a list of the exact goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the March. Before continuing, I want you to keep in mind that I am still a very small blogger so while some of these numbers may seem minuscule to you, they are very important milestones for me to reach and overcome. From views to actual blog revenue, the entire blogging experience is a grind and not for the weak-hearted. I believe that you have to have a niche that you are passionate about fully in order to withstand the first year of barely anyone seeing your content.

But, here we are, the March goals:

Increase February traffic by 7% (from 506 views to 541+ views)
Earn $1 via Google Ads (discontinued use of WordAds)
Publish 25 blog posts (1000+ words)
Earn $40 via Amazon mTurk
Complete online eBook for free download
Upload 3 YouTube Videos on The Centennial Investor
Write one guest blog post
Reach out to 10 bloggers about guest posting
Facebook Page to 2,500 likes and Facebook group to 250 members
Sell one gig of article writing via Fiverr
100 Instagram followers
50 WordPress followers

I want to make this article a little more in depth than the ones that I have done in the past. In the past, I have listed the goals and gave a little information about why or why not I achieved them, however, in this article I want to tell you why I chose these specific goals in the first place. For some of these, I want to tell you why I decided to not pursue them at all.

If you want to read my previous reflection article after reading this one, I will put a link at the end of this post that will redirect you right over.

Goal #1: Increase February Traffic by 7%+

My number one goal for this month, as it will be for pretty much every month following this one, was to increase traffic to my site. This is because I truly feel like I am sharing valuable information that will help people. With every blog post that I write, I have the intention of leaving the person that read it a little more educated than they were before. Therefore, I believe that the more eyes that I have on my content, the more people that I will be able to benefit.

More into the reason why I chose 7% exactly.

This is because if you compound 7% growth monthly, then by the end of the year you will have a 100%+ growth rate in your total amount of traffic. 7% was a way for me to work backwards towards this goal.

So for March, here are my stats:

For the month of March, I had 856 views.

This is a 69% increase in total traffic from month to month.

I have no exact reason for why my traffic increased this substantially other than that I began to blog a little more consistently are starting commenting on other people’s blog posts a lot more. This put me in a situation where I could learn from others by reading my fellow bloggers content and have the potential for them to be redirected to my site so that they can read my content as well.

This growth is awesome for one month, and I can only hope to achieve a similar view count in my second month as a growth rate that aggressive may not be very sustainable, but fingers crossed!

Goal #2: Earn $1 via Google Ads

Making money via ads as a beginner blogger is a painstaking process.

This is why if you are getting into the blogging arena to earn a fat pay check then you will likely find yourself outmatched very quickly by the amount of time and effort that it takes in order to become somewhat successful.

It is a long time coming to making any real money, and I know that first hand.

March is my first month using Google Ads as my ads provider, so I knew that I wouldn’t make pretty much any money from it. However, I still wanted to know that it was possible.

and I can tell you. It is possible.

Here are my Google Ad Sense earnings from the Centennial Investor in March 2020.

In March, I earned $3.78 from ads being placed on my website.

I actually find this kind of impressive for me. Not only was it almost 4x the goal that I had originally set, but it is also coming from me only showing ads on two of my site pages.

If you browse around, you will only see ads on the posts page and any individual blog articles that you click on. Other than that, I don’t want ads taking away from the aesthetics of the site. I may be losing some money because of this, but I don’t want my site to look all spam-y either.

Goal #3: Publish 25 Blog Posts (1000+ words)

I found that posting continuously and consistently is one of the leading way to drive traffic. This is why for the past three months, I have made it a goal of mine to publish an article almost every day.

Now this is NOT something that is easy to do. It is hard to find inspiration to write 1000 words that you truly feel like will benefit the person that is reading it. This is why I had to take a break because of writer’s block around the middle of the month.

There was a period for about two weeks in March that I did not publish any content, but rather I took that time to completely redesign the look and feel of my blog. I added important pages, scroll animations, and better pictures to fit the theme of my website.

I want people to feel like they have clicked on a professional master piece when they come across the Centennial Investor and I am constantly tweaking and making little changes here and there to achieve this.

So, here are my blog posts for March 2020.

Quite surprisingly, I was still able to publish 24 articles. However, only about half of these were 1000+ words. At the beginning of the month of March, I would publish articles multiple times a day which is why this number leveled out so well.

Overall, I am pleased with the amount of posts. Maybe one of these days I will have a month well I publish an article of 1000+ words every single day.

Until then, let’s move forward.

Goal #4: Earn $40 via Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

mTurk is basically my ultimate side hustle. I love doing surveys in my idle time in order to earn a bit of extra money.

The money that I earn from mTurk is not life changing in the slightest, but every dollar that I earn has a purpose. All of the “profits” that I earn from doing surveys are investing directly into the Centennial Investor in some form or another.

I used mTurk to purchase the domain name and premium plan from Word Press when I first started out and since I started doing mTurk a little over 3 years ago, I have since made $700+.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much idle time in the month of March because I really was focused on improving this site. This left me with a small earnings for the month.

Here they are:

Those numbers add up to $6.95 for the month, but as I said, mTurk was not my main focus in the slightest.

Goal #5: Complete online eBook for free download

I wanted to complete an eBook that would give people a more detailed analysis of one of my most popular articles. I completed this eBook with the help of Photoshop and Canva and I extremely happy with the way it turned out. It is about 16 pages and talks about the 6 stages of financial freedom, if you want to check it out for yourself click the link below:

6 Stages of Financial Freedom: FREE E-BOOK

Goal #6: Upload 3 YouTube Videos

This is another goal that I have had for quite a while, and it took me a LONG time to overcome my fear of showing my face and talking in front of a camera. However, I knew that it must be done if I wanted to take advantage of a booming industry which is YouTube influencing.

That is when I swallowed my pride and began to upload videos on YouTube.

As you can see, my channel is still extremely small, but I am getting better in terms of talking in front of the camera and editing videos. I do believe that I actually only uploaded one video in the month of March tho, which is short of my goal.

If you want to check out my YouTube videos, and may be offer a bit of constructive criticism, here it is: The Centennial Investor on YouTube.

Goal #7: Write one guest blog post

In order to expand my audience, I researched and saw that a lot of people were writing guest blog posts to expand their sites and recommended that I write one as well. I thought that this was a great idea, however, I did not pursue it as aggressively as I should have.

This is a similar story as last month, however, I just did not see a right opportunity to write for someone else. I am still open to the idea though, so the future will tell if I actually publish a guest post anytime soon.

p.s. If you need a guest post, or want to exchange guest posts, contact me!

This goal is in line with the next goal which was to reach out to ten bloggers, I did not do a good job on my part in letting people know that I was interested in posting for their blogs.

Goal #8: Facebook Page to 2,500 likes and Facebook group to 200 members

I believe that Facebook is one of the greatest ways to drive traffic to your website because they have excellent ways to utilize personal friend networks and ad campaigns. However, I saw my growth on Facebook stagnate significantly because I stopped using ads to promote my site.

Below is a screenshot of exactly how much growth I got on my Facebook page, The Centennial Investor, in March.

Pretty much as solid block.

I feel that I stagnated because I was no longer using ads as promotion and that was the sole reason for the large growth in the beginning.

I have since been trying organic growth techniques and I am curious to see how they will do for me moving forward. If you want to learn more about the techniques that I am using, leave a comment below and I will write a future post about it.

Also, here is a look at my Facebook Group members.

108 members, which is definitely shy of my goal of 250.

Lastly, some of my other goals were to increase my Instagram and Word Press following. I found that this was something that would eventually come with time too, so I didn’t stress over this number too much and just focused on posting high quality content that could attract more readers.

I also had a goal of selling a gig on Fiverr, but that didn’t last long as I didn’t see it as an efficient use of my time.

In Conclusion

All in all, I felt that I had a pretty solid month. Although all of my goals weren’t completed, I am extremely happy with the progress that I have made as a blogger.

Here are the results of the goals, and whether or not I achieved them.

Increase February traffic by 7% (from 506 views to 541+ views)Yes, traffic increased by 69.2% from February to March
Earn $1 via Google Ads (discontinued use of WordAds)Yes, I earned $3.78 in Revenue via Google Ads
Publish 25 blog posts (1000+ words)No I published around 12 1000+ articles, but 24 articles altogether.
Make $40 via Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)No, I earned $6.95 in March via mTurk
Complete online eBook for free downloadYes, and check it out if you haven’t already!
Upload 3 YouTube Videos on The Centennial InvestorNo, I only uploaded one video in the month of March
Write one guest blog post and reach out to 10 peer bloggersNo, I have not published a guest blog post. I haven’t done a great job of reaching out to bloggers.
Facebook Page to 2,000 likes and Facebook group to 100 membersNo, my Facebook page is at 1,510 likes and my Facebook group is at 108 members
100 Instagram and 50 WordPress followersNo, because I decided to focus on posting higher quality content and not on follower count.
Sell one gig of article writing via FiverrI didn’t even really pursue this goal at all honestly.

So, I actually on achieved 3/10, but I made a ton of progress that I can use moving forward to making my blog even better.

What are my goals for April 2020?

Find out next month!

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