Reflection: Did I Achieve All of My Goals for February 2020?

Another month has come and gone in 2020. With the idea of trying to make as much progress towards my end goals every single month, I like to make a reflection post to see how well I stacked up with each of the goals that I created. I like to be a bit on the optimistic side with the goals that I make, which leads me to not achieving a good bit of them, however, getting close still leaves me in a great position going into the next month.

In this article, I am going to go over what goals I created for February 2020, if I accomplished them or not, and what factors led to the end result.

Before moving to digital, I wrote all of the goals that I had for the month by hand. Below is a picture of how my notebook looked at the end of the month. This image alone summarizes most of the goals that I made, however, it does not tell the entire story.

So if you want a more in-depth analysis of each of these goals, make sure to keep reading.

February 2020 Goals

Let’s go in depth to each of the goals that I had, I eventually trimmed the list that you see above into 8 goals that I really wanted to focus on. I think that this provided me with a greater sense of direction in achieving my objectives.

Afterwards, we can talk about whether or not I achieved each goal.

Goal #1: Increase January Traffic by 7%+

For this goal, I wanted to increase the overall traffic to The reason why I chose 7% was because it is a relatively obtainable number that if achieved month after month, will result in a massive compounding effect of exponential growth.

Because I am at the beginning of my blogging journey, I am at the lower end of the traffic spectrum. However, as I long as I am able to continue to grow consistently and create high quality content, then I am sure my traffic will increase over time

Here is a screenshot of my traffic for the Centennial Investor from January to February:

Goal #2: Earn $1 via WordAds Ad Revenue

This goal sounds minuscule, but we all have to start somewhere. In January 2020, I made this same goal with the objective of making $1 in my first month of blogging, however, I came up very short in only making $0.14.

In February, I had a much more successful month in terms of Ad Revenue, racking up a total of $8.99, as you can see below.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to retrieve these funds because I made the decision to switch to Google Adsense as my ads provider, and WordAds has a minimum balance of $100 before paying out. All in all, I am happy with the amount of money that I was able to make in February with WordAss, and hopefully this can continue in March with Google AdSense.

Goal #3: Publish 25 Blog Posts

This goal is fairly straightforward. My goal was to publish about 1 article a day in February. I end up posting exactly 25 articles.

Moving forward, my goal will be to post only 1000+ articles, as they provide greater detail of the topic that I am discussing and for an overall greater reading experience.

Goal #4: Earn $40 via Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

This goal doesn’t correlate directly to the success of the Centennial Investor, however, it is an outside source of funds that I use to fund ads on Google and Facebook. I have this goal because it allows me to generate capital to run my website, without having to dip much into my personal funds.

I will use mTurk until this website can become self-sufficient (along with a few other services).

Here is a screenshot of my February earnings from mTurk.

Goal #5: Complete online eBook for free download

For this goal, I wanted to provide my audience when a simple eBook that they could use to start their journey to financial freedom. I haven’t exactly figured out how I want to eBook to look and feel, and what purpose I want it to have, so I am still working on that.

I will continue to research effective eBook writing strategies so that I can offer that to the readers of this website as soon as possible.

Goal #6: Set up YouTube Channel and upload 1 video

I want to have the ability for my audience to connect with me by seeing my face as well as reading the words that I write. So for this, I am setting up a YouTube channel that will allow just that.

I have set up the channel, but I have yet to upload a video. The entire channel does not yet have the aesthetics that I prefer, so I want to make sure that all of the foundational pieces are in place before uploading content.

Below is a screenshot of The Centennial Investor on YouTube.

Goal #7: Write one guest blog post

In order to expand my audience, I saw that a lot of people write guest blog posts and recommend that I write one as well. I thought that this was a great idea, however, I did not pursue it as aggressively as I should have. I only reached out to one only small blogger in a niche similar to the one that I was writing about when I first started this website (day trading) and I failed to hear back.

p.s. If you need a guest post, or want to exchange guest posts, contact me!

Goal #8: Facebook Page to 2,000 likes and Facebook group to 100 members

I believe that Facebook is one of the greatest ways to drive traffic to your website because they have excellent ways to utilize personal friend networks and ad campaigns. Most of the growth that I saw in February was from an ad campaign that I ran for about 14-20 days.

Below is a screenshot of my growth in likes, and exactly how much of that growth came from the ad campaign.

and here is the ad campaign results:

All in all, I felt that I had a very solid set of goals for February 2020. Most of them were pretty difficult to actually achieve, or I just didn’t take the time to pursue them hard enough.

Here are the results of the goals, and whether or not I achieved them.

Increase January traffic by 7% (from 462 views to 495+ views)Yes, traffic increased by 9.52% from January to February
Earn $1 via WordPress Ad RevenueYes, I earned $8.99 in Revenue via WordPress Ads
Publish 25 blog postsYes, I published 25 blog posts
Make $40 via Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)No, I earned $36.30 in February via mTurk
Complete online eBook for free downloadNo, I have not completed a free online eBook for download
Set up YouTube Channel and upload 1 videoYes & no, I have set up a channel, but I have yet to upload a video
Write one guest blog postNo, I have not published a guest blog post. I have reached out to only one blogger.
Facebook Page to 2,000 likes and Facebook group to 100 membersNo, my Facebook page is at 1,400 likes and my Facebook group is at 96 members

This leaves me a pretty good place going into March, where I can not set a brand new set of goals to hope to achieve.

March 2020 Goals

Increase February traffic by 7% (from 506 views to 541+ views)
Earn $1 via Google Ads (discontinued use of WordAds)
Publish 25 blog posts (1000+ words)
Earn $40 via Amazon mTurk
Complete online eBook for free download
Upload 3 YouTube Videos on The Centennial Investor
Write one guest blog post
Reach out to 10 bloggers about guest posting
Facebook Page to 2,500 likes and Facebook group to 250 members
Sell one gig of article writing via Fiverr
100 Instagram followers
50 WordPress followers

Will I be able to achieve them? Find out next month!

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