I Made $352 Profit Stock Trading Today

Another day, another dollar! This morning was rocky for me stock trading, however, I was able to end my successfully in the profit for $352. I have a few important lessons that I learned today that I want to pass on to you to help you in your journey of becoming a profitable stock trader.

Here is a snapshot of P/L for the day:

Stock Market P/L Day for 2/18/2020

$352.00 profit

I was would have been in the green a lot more had I not made a few mistakes in the beginning of my trading day.

Let’s talk about the mistakes first:

Mistake #1: Entering into a position as soon as the market opens

I have found that every time I enter into a position as soon as the market opens, it is almost always a red trade. This is because the market is so volatile when the bell rings and it is very hard to identify a solid direction.

It would be better off to wait to wait 5-10 minutes so that you can have a true confirmation of a trend and potential to profit.

Mistake #2: Not being patient when entering and exiting positions

Not to be a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) post, but I tended to lock in profits too early.

Also, I wasn’t being patient enough when I entered too small red trades because I didn’t wait for confirmation of a true direction of an uptrend.

Only on in my stock career, I would enter a position and try to predict a reversal instead of waiting for confirmation, and this would lead to a lot of red days.

Confirmation is when the EMA (Exponential Moving Average Line) is showing signs of a reversal or a horizontal pattern.

Now on to some of the things that I did well:

Success #1: Identifying Overall Direction

This morning, I had a great sense of the overall direction that the stock was heading which allowed me to day trade it effectively. On the uptrend and even on the pullbacks.

Success #2: Cutting Losses Quickly

When I did take bad trades, I was able to quickly identify them and cut losses quickly to avoid letting bad trades get worse. This is something that I struggled with as a beginner as well because I would get too attached to a specific trade.

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