The 6 Stages of Financial Freedom

When searching for ways to become free of worrying about money, it is important to know where you stand today. Sometimes the hardest part about taking control of your finances is starting in the first place. I understand personally that it can be downright discouraging when you actually add up all of the debt that you have. This debt could be credit card debt, student loans, medical expenses, and everything in between. However, I can assure you that getting the process started of becoming financially free will be the best decision that you will ever make.

I started my financial freedom journey at a very young age, and I am still early on in it. I was 19 years old and in college when I decided that I didn’t want to work for the next 40 years of my life. I wanted to have the freedom to pursue a life of helping and educating others without being burdened about worrying if my next paycheck would come on time.

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Starting a WeBull Stock Portfolio with $1,000

The overall stock market in the United States has been in a state of chaos! With the coronavirus making international headlines, it is definitely one of the most volatile markets that I can remember. There is a ton of uncertainty about whether we are about to enter into a recession or if this is just a correction from the longest bull market in history. The future is up for grabs! Who win will? The bears? or the Bulls?

So, here I am thinking to myself. What better thing to do during all of this uncertainty than start a brand new WeBull stock portfolio! I know it may sound crazy, but one of my favorite investors lives by the motto of “being greedy when others are fearful, and being fearful when others are greedy,” and right now there is an abundance of fear around every corner.

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Top 10 Quotes from the Wealthiest Men on Earth

When you look at the top of the wealth totem poll, you see three very familiar names: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. All three men come from different backgrounds and they have different stories to tell about how they became successful. Whether it was the launching of a world-changing business or intelligently investing for the future, there was a high level and patience and persistence that went into building their fortunes.

Bezos, Gates, and Buffett are some of the wealthiest men in the history of the United States with each individual’s net worth being valued more than the GDP of some small countries.

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Reflection: Did I Achieve All of My Goals for February 2020?

Another month has come and gone in 2020. With the idea of trying to make as much progress towards my end goals every single month, I like to make a reflection post to see how well I stacked up with each of the goals that I created. I like to be a bit on the optimistic side with the goals that I make, which leads me to not achieving a good bit of them, however, getting close still leaves me in a great position going into the next month.

In this article, I am going to go over what goals I created for February 2020, if I accomplished them or not, and what factors led to the end result.

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Schwab S&P 500 Index Fund (SWPPX): What is it exactly?

When going through the list of all of the investing options that you have, you will quickly come across “index funds”. Index funds are a friend to all who want to passively invest in the stock market without having much experience with buying and selling securities. It is a great tool to utilize, and there are many different types of index funds floating around out there.

There are a ton of options that are available for investors to look through until they are blue in the face, however, with all of the options are there, is there one that stands above them all? Is there a definitive “best” index fund to invest in, and if so, what is it?

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Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA: What’s the Difference?

Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA written in the notepad.

Recently, I have been aggressively pursuing the idea of building long term wealth to achieve financial freedom. As I researched different investment vehicles, one investment vehicle popped up over and over again, and that vehicle was an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Now I had pretty much a rough idea of what this account was, but I didn’t know exactly what benefits the account offered, and I especially didn’t know the difference between a Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA.

So what I have done here is put together a list of the similarities and differences between a Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA, the advantages and disadvantages of both of them, and which one I would recommend you get started with as a long term investor.

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Net Worth: How to Track Your Number

Net Worth…

If you aren’t brand new to the financial world, I’m sure you have heard the term “net worth” thrown around a time or two. It is commonly used by bankers, financial analysts, real estate investors, billionaires, and pretty much everyone in between in some form or another. But what is net worth exactly? How is it calculated? What is it used for? Why do I need to pay attention to my own net worth? I will answer all of these questions in this article in the hope of providing you with meaningful advice that you can take action on today.

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Ultimate Side Hustle: $351.65 Profit Day Trading

If you are looking for the ultimate side hustle that can make you real money from the comfort of your home, then I would recommend learning how to day trade. Since starting day trading, I was able to replace my full-time income by trading for an hour or two in the morning, and spending the rest of the day with my family. I do not have a course to sell you about day trading (well, not yet anyway), but I just want to spark your interest as to how you can make more money from home.

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How to Set Up and Use the EMA Indicator to Day Trade

As a beginner day trader, you will have to familiarize yourself with multiple studies and indicators as you begin your trading journey. One of the first indicators that I learned about personally what the exponential moving average, or the EMA Indicator. The EMA is a great reference for identifying current direction and potential reversals.

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I Made $544.30 Profit Day Trading

Today is a beautiful Friday morning! I was able to cap off my trading week with another huge milestone of making over $500 profit from day trading stocks in one day.

I believe the key is to continue to try to be consistent at this point in my trading journey in order to take advantages of all of the opportunities that present themselves (without getting too greedy of course).

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Why Your Small Business Definitely Needs It’s Own Credit Card

In this post, I will be going over exactly what a business credit card is, why you would need it, and how to use it effectively for your small businesses.

Personally, I am in the process of acquiring a business credit card for myself and I found it difficult to find all of the information that I needed in one place, so I thought that it would be helpful if I did that for you.

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The Only Book About Financial Freedom That You Will Ever Need

If you are someone who is tired of the same old routine day in and day out, boy do I have the thing for you. There has been few books, if any that has caused me to change my entire view point on life itself. Apart from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I didn’t know if any other book could do that. Then one day I was browsing through Amazon, purchasing some popular financial books for daily reads when..

I read a book that changed my life. Not Rich Dad, Poor Dad.. something even better.

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Side Hustle: Why I Started Day Trading

Day trading can be a daunting task. The idea of losing money is downright frightening at times. Especially with all the noise you hear from the outside saying “if it was easy then why isn’t everyone doing it” and “you are sure to lose it all if you continue”. However, you can use day trading as a side hustle or even a full time income if you a committed to being patient and learning as much as you can.

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